Is Photography Art? You be the judge. . .

An image of a full moon on a background of unique colors and shapes created by merging three images into one.
Fruitful Universe

What is Art?

I have been bad by not posting everyday so I wanted to post something unique, something special!   So, I started playing around with some pictures I took of a bowl of tomatoes, a wall painting of a textured vase, and an image of a full moon that I took a few days ago.  I wondered what it would look like if I converted these images to make a special art piece, like a painting sort of speak.  My idea started by loading all three images into Photoshop CS5 and using the Stylize and Glowing Edges filter to see what would happen if I merged all three images into one. Boom!  I just created a unique universe that was pretty cool so I thought I would share this.

That made me think about what is Art?  So I went to Google and typed “what is art?” to see what I would get.  I scrolled down the page and a link caught my eye and I discovered a very interesting man called Milton Glaser.  His interview was very interesting to me because I had a grandfather who was an artist and he reminded me of him.  I wish I would have spent more time in my life exploring art, but I guess it’s better late than never.

I find myself enjoying my new hobby in photography and I feel it is an art form, which I am trying to develop and explore.  I hope that everyone that is enjoying blogging, posting, and writing realize that you are artists too!  It is so important to embrace this art form and engage everyday with your capacity to experience how beautiful your life is.

Just look around and you will see that ideas are everywhere, just let it happen. 


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