Hornet Trouble

A picture of a large hornet's nest found in the mountains of Utah

Hornet’s Nest Fall 2011

This hornet’ nest was on an Aspen tree up in the mountains. While it is a naturally occurring phenomenon it can be dangerous.  Lucky for us, winter and snow took care of this problem last year.  I kind of wish we could have saved it, but no one wanted to get near it.  I don’t blame them as it was buzzing and we didn’t dare get to close to figure out how to cut it down.  Nature is so beautiful.  I’m glad I had the opportunity to take a picture of it, before it dissappeared.   Late Fall 2011.


2 thoughts on “Hornet Trouble

    • We were pretty shocked too. It was huge! The scary part was that as we got closer to see if it was active it would buzz like crazy and actually move. I wanted to save it and do something to store it intact, but we couldn’t get close enought to cut it down. We heard you could wrap a plastic bag around it and cut it down then spray the hornets dead, but getting close enough to do that was a different story. LOL

      We opted to let mother nature take care of it and after one winter and tons of snow, it was gone that next spring. Oh well, maybe next time. At least my photo captured the moment and that’s what I love about photography. The ability to capture the moment!

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